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60-day or 90-day extension. it is not an acceptable approach and if we think it is going to be hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of election season? >> nbc's kristen welker joining us live from the white house. what kind of deal seems possible after the president laid it all on the table this morning when he gave the speech at 11:00 a.m.? >> well, hi, there, thomas. it seemed like forget hope for getting a big deal done in the arena of $4 tril john lion in tt decade was dwindling, but republicans would not accept a deal that big and they wanted $2 trillion over the next decade, but as you mentioned president obama came out today swinging, upping the ante saying he does indeed want a big deal done and if not now, when? and he essentially tried to assume the position of the adult
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in the room calling on the lawmakers to rip off the band-aids and eat the peas and call to action for democrats and republicans and calling the democrats to come to the table for entitlement reforms, and the republicans for rolling back the tax breaks for wealthy americans and big corporations, and it seemed like at the last of last week, the president and the speaker boehner may have been moving in the same direction, but then speaker boehner said we cannot support anything that looks like a tax increase. and so the president addressed that in his conversation today, and he said that any tax brea increases would not take effect immediately. >> when you say that the president should not want a massive job-killing tax inincreases this week. well, nobody is looking to raise the taxes right now. we are talking about potentially 2013 and the out years.
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>> reporter: so, again, president obama and the congressional leaders are about to meet as we are speaking. the president has asked both sides to really bring specific details about what they think they can deliver in a deal. so, the white house hoping to get at least take a step forward in getting more details about what is possible here. these meetings, thomas have been lasting about an hour, an hour and a half, and of course, we will stay on top of the meeting and bring you the latest as we get it. thomas? >> and standby, kristen, because we have a new sound bite coming in from the house speaker john boehner and take a listen, and we will talk about it on the other side. >> i agree with the president that the debt ceiling must be raised and i am glad he made the case for it today, but the american people will not accept, and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job kree yayer tos. >> all right. kristen, we have the speaker agreeing that the debt ceiling needs to be raised, but does it not seem that he is willing to
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put some political skin in the game, as the president said he was willing to do this morning. seems like john boehner knows what he has got to do, but he can't get there. >> that is right. and at this point, the two sides seem to be deadlocked. and speaker boehner says that the president has a tough job, and as you heard him say in his comments that speaker boehner has been quite forthright in the discussions, and he has been sincere. almost boxing the speaker in here putting a little bit more pressure on the speaker to put pressure on his party, and potentiallim so of the tea party republicans who are saying that we are not going to give on this issue of tax increase, and a lot of the members ran on that issue, and speaker boehner in a difficult position, and the two sides dead locked in the meeting this afternoon. thomas? >> kristen welker at the white house for us. thank you so much, kristen. joining us is chris van hollen who participated in the talks led by joe biden before they
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fell apart late last month. sir, it is nice to have you with us today, and as you arer haing john boehner moments ago saying that he understands that the debt ceiling needs to be raised and the president saying this morning that he is willing to put some political skin into this game, but can speaker boehner do that as well? can he go back to his caucus and say, this is where we need to be to come to a consensus? >> well, that is exactly the question is as the president pointed out earlier today, he, the president, has put on a table a balanced approach, and has significant cuts, but also says that we need a little bit of revenue through closing some of the tax loopholes whether it is corporate jets, and oil and gas companies and the like, and the republicans are saying, no, they wanted 100% their way or they are threatening to allow the united states to default on its bills which would be catastrophic for the economy and for jobs. so, we are hoping that we can pull it together. when the republicans say, well, go back to the biden talks, it
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is important to remember that they walked out of the biden talks from the same reason they backed away from the big deal, because the priority is not apparently deficit reduction, but it is to protect these special interest loopholes. >> we got a dismal job report friday and american many americans don't give a flying fig in corporate jet owners have to pay more taxes or oil companies have to pay more taxes, and why do the republicans keep saying that if we do raise taxes, it will be a jobs killer when we have had tax breaks, basically over the last ten years that have not stimulated this economy and turned it in the wrong direction? >> well, that is exactly right. if you heard speaker boehner today, the prescription he had for the economy was the same old trickle-down theory we heard for eight years in the bush administration, and we know how that movie ended up with millions of lost jobs. that is not the answer. you go back to the clinton administration with a balanced
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approach to budget reduction and constrained spending, but tax rates for the wealthiest americans and 20 million jobs created in that period of otime. that is what the president is saying, look, job one is to get the economy back on track which is why it is so dangerous for the republicans to be threatening to default on the national debt and say that the united states for the first time in the history will not pay its bills, and that will make a tough situation much worse. in all, because they don't want to give in on some of the corporate, t corporate tax loopholes and it is important because the president said they would not kick in until 2013, and in the meantime, the president has proposed an extension of a year of the tax holiday, and majority of americans will get the tax break, and the loopholes won't be closed until 2013. >> thank you, chris van hollen,
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it is great to have you on with us today. and a mob of protesters have attacked the embassy in syria. they smashed the windows and called the american ambassador a dog. meanwhile, the u.s. has condemned the syrian government for their slow response to protect the embassy. nbc news foreign correspondent richard engle joining us live in cairo. richard, break it down for us, what took place when this mob of protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in syria, and what is the motivation to do it now? >> these protesters are all in support of the regime of syrian president bashar al assad, and there is a campaign in the u.s. and the french ambassadors particularly after the two ambassadors went to the city of hama friday and there to witness and show solidarity to protesters who were going out against the regime.
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state media in syria which is controlled by the government has been very angrily denouncing those visits and angrily denouncing the u.s. ambassador personally, and it appears that it was the calls on the state television if not a even more directed campaign by the government that brought the demonstrators out today. they arrived by the busload. witnesses say that four buses came. they drove up in front of the u.s. embassy in downtown damascus, and they were carrying big syrian flags, and many people tried to scale the perimeter fence and hang the big syrian flags on the perimeter fence. they destroyed some u.s. embassy property, and now particularly the medallions where the u.s. embassy's logo is listed, and they tried to smash their way into the building and it is well protected by the u.s. marines and covered by thick security glass, and they were not able to
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enter the building, itself, and they did try to attack the french embassy and french guards had to fire three warning shots in the air. no major damage however to either embassy building, and no u.s. or french personnel, diplomatic personnel were injured. >> richard engle in cairo. and the "newsnation" is following breaking news here where a tractor-trailer has collided with a train in portland, maine. they say that the trailer smashed into the train that was hauling rubbish and triggered a massive fireball. joining me by phone with the latest on the crash is wchs's cindy williams. any word from the investigators of what took place? i understand it was late this morning that it happened? >> yes, it was. it was right after 11:00 this morning, and right now they are still reconstructing the accident. they don't know who was at fault, but they know that the train and the amtrax which is
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6:81 that was heading from boston to portland hit the big 18-wheeler near berwick which is over the new hampshire border, and there is trash strewn everywhere for a quarter of a mile which is how far the train traveled before it came to a complete stop. the witnesses say that the train was traveling at full speed when it spotted the tractor-trailer and they could not stop. when the train came to a stop, the engine was on fire, and the engineer was able to get out of the train and pull it away from the passengers. of the 112 people on board, there were six people taken to the hospital, and we are told that by goodall hospital that most of the injuries were minor however many injuries are suffering from the head injuries and smoke inhalation, but the ininjuries are not life threatening. >> thank you, cindy williams for
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that report. now even after the final edition of the "news of the world" hit the stands sunday, there is still growing scandal. nbc's stephanie gosk is in the latest with this, and stephanie, it continues to grow. >> it does. and there's another allegation out there today that the royal protection guard, which is a group of police officers who take care of the royal family, that a member of the guard sold "news of the world" hard-lines and cell phone numbers of the royal family. this morning they had a spokesman says that murdoch needs to back off of the deal trying to obtain a merger with
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bskyb that he should step back from a deal, because of his reputation at the moment. we will see if it passes the competition test, but there is a lot of political pressure on the government to keep that deal from going forward and you are seeing the effects of the scandal affect the business itself of news corps. thomas. >> and stephanie, as we know about the employees who were working for "news of the world" anymore information about whether they will be absorbed by the murdochs in other areas such as going to the "sun paper" and releasing a sunday edition of that? >> well, there is a possibility that they will be. they were given three months' pay, and promised by rebecca brooks that you saw there in the video that they would find positions for them, but there was anger among them as well. there was an audio clip released that was recorded
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surrepetitiously, and they say, look, we don't want to work for you anyway. they were bitter of the way it was went down, and they have taken the fall for somebody else did, and chief on the list is rebecca brooks, herself. they want her to step down. thomas. >> we shall continue as we see the story unraveling here, because we are only hitting the tip of the iceberg here. stephanie gosk in london. and another security breach at airports and this time, it is two used by the hijackers, and investigators want to know how a stun gun made it from boston to new jersey. and a man who tried to rob a jewelry store is sentenced. i do not believe that me being first lady should prevent me from expressing my ideas. >> and express them, she did. she was a real dynamo, and i
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. >> welcome backk everybody. an oklahoma pharmacist is sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for shooting and killing a teen who tried to rob his store in 2009. this is a case where the prosecutors argued that jerome irwin used justifiable force when he shot 16-year-old antoine parker in the head during the heist, but they say he went too far when he grabbed a second gun and shot the boy five more times as he lay bleeding on the floor. nbc's charles hadlock is in oklahoma city bringing us the latest on the ruling today. charles? >> hi, thomas. well, there was no reaction in the courtroom, but when jerome
2:18 pm
ursuline came out of the courtroom in shackles passing reporters, he said it was injustice, but that is not the way that the jury saw it in may when they convicted him. they had to see if it was a case of self-defense or murder. it was all caught on videotape by the pharmacy. two teenagers entering the pharmacy both armed with guns and masks. ersland chased the suspect out of the door, and then if it ended there, we would not be there talking about it, because it would have been a clear case of self-defense, but it did not end there, he went to the back the pharmacy and pulled out a pistol and walked up to the wounded teenager on the floor and shot him five more times. the jury agreed the prosecution that was premeditated murder even though the whole thing took less than 60 seconds to play out. thomas. >> i understand that there is a petition drive under way right now to free the pharmacist ersland, and where does that
2:19 pm
stand and how much impact can that really make? >> well, about 17 signatures -- 17,000 signatures have been collected by friends and family of ersland and presented this to to the governor last week and she said she will let the appeals process run through before she will make a decision. back to you, thomas. >> we will continue to follow that, charles hadlock in oklahoma city. and city workers in boston are getting a paycheck, because they are in a same-sex marriage. and look at this garden planted outside of detroit, right? it could send the homeowners to jail for more than three months. it is today's gut check. ♪ breaking the law ♪ breaking the law ♪ breaking the law . time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week."
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before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. first lady michelle obama will attend the memorial service
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for betty ford that will begin at this time tomorrow in palm desert, california. thursday, a burial will be in grand rapids i michigan, where the first lady grew up. she is being remembered as a passionate crusader for women's rights and helped to fight the stigmas against two major disease diseases. >> if the first lady can have breast cancer, maybe i could. and the same thing with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. i'm delighted that i could carry a message. i think that's what we are here on this earth for, to help others. and if you can, you ought the do it. >> isn't that a fantastic message? well, myra is a communications professor at ryder university and historian on the first ladies. myra, it is nice to have you here with us this afternoon. we mentioned that the first lady betty ford is going to be buried in michigan, where she grew up, and explain to all of us what betty ford's life was like before she was thrust into the national scene in the '70ss?
2:24 pm
>> well, she grew up in grand rapids, as you mentioned. she was always interested in dance. she had spent two high school summers dancing with martha graham at bennington college and invited to new york to become part of the company. so, she danced in new york for a while, and she did some modeling. her mother came to new york because she didn't think that betty should be living in the city by herself. and asked her to come back to grand rapids, and when betty went home, she married william warren, and that marriage lasted for five years. and at the conclusion of it, she met gerald ford. >> well, she certainly is a maverick when it came to her candor about her life experiences, and when she became first lady, myra, how did the country respond to her in the wake of watergate scandal?
2:25 pm
>> she said, well, if i have to go to white house, i am going as betty, and if they don't like it, they will have to kick me out. she announced she would have press conferences, and she was interested in a number of different things, and so she was really greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. >> she was also very public about what she was diagnosed with, which was breast cancer which then led to her abuse of alcohol and prescription pain medications, but myra, explain to all of us, how did she become so front and center when it came to the treatment center thatter bas her name today? >> well, she admitted many years later that as you had mentioned she had suffered from a pinched nerve for which prescription drugs were prescribed and she had been drinking, and she went through rehab in california and was so grateful that she lent her name and her support, and later a lot of her time to what we now know as the betty ford center in rancho mirage,
2:26 pm
california. >> and myra, thousands of people and as the graphic says, more than 90,000 people have been treated as they have gone through the center for help, but do we know what will happen to the betty ford center now? and what was her role within the facility or the fact that she sat on the board later in life, but type of role does the betty ford center take on as mrs. ford has passed? >> well, i think that it continues. her influence is going to be enduring. and any time you hear the name betty ford, it is going to be associated with recovery. so, i'm sure that it is going to be enduring for many years, and during her time even in the later years with the center, mrs. ford was more than a figurehead. she was involved. >> i think that as you point out, her name when you say it, it deals with recovery, i think with hope. she gives people hope, and i think that she will be
2:27 pm
remembered for that. she was a fascinating woman and thank you for sharing her life with us about will mrs. ford, myra. >> thank you. and she says no doubt that she can twin presidency says sarah palin and the one thing that would keep her from taking the plunge. pl plus. -- >> can you tell they are excited? harry potter mania under way and fans camping out in new york city for the premier of "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part two" and some of them have been camping out for more than a week. we will get the scoop. ♪ the magic a-hoo the magic in me ♪
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welcome back, everybody. president obama pr has just started a meeting with top congressional leaders of both parties. this video came in moments ago, and they are holding the latest talks on cutting the deficit and raising the debt ceiling. they are facing an august 2nd
2:31 pm
deadline for the u.s. to begin defaulting on its debt, and today, president obama ruled out a short term solution to the problem saying that he would veto a 30-day, 60-day or even a 90-day solution. >> if we think it is going to be hard -- if we think it is hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of election season, when they are all up. it is not going to get easier. it is going to get harder. so, we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> all right. a laugh there, but it is the real deal. joining me is jake sherman, congressional reporter for politico. jake, good to have you on with us this afternoon and the president breaking it down in easy language saying to pull off the band-aid and eat our peas and sending a strong message to come to a consensus on a deal here, and the president saying
2:32 pm
that he is willing to put political skin in the game here, however, i don't think he is getting the same response from the republicans, especially john boehner. >> well, it depends what you think that the response is. boehner's people and the republicans on capitol hill say that they are ready to eat the peas, but that i can't have a tax increase on them. and entitlements are on the table, but we have never seen this before with the debt ceiling so that the republicans have changed the conversation, but now taxes are the sticking point. i mean, obama says that he needs more revenue, and he wants to bring in more money to the federal government, and republicans say, they are not ready to hike the taxes in what is a soft economy. >> the president saying, jake, he will push for this long-term deal, and the grand deal as it was described to cut the deficit by $4 trillion and putting the entitlements on the table, and is that the scary talk that the president is saying he is willing to go ahead and talk about the social security and medicare and medicaid, and that is the stuff that the democrats'
2:33 pm
dreams are made of and not the republicans. >> on capitol hill, he is facing a lot of of blowback, house democrats privately and public and more publically saying he is going too far on the entitlements, and how far he will go, and that is part of the scary talk, but part of the scary talk is the high-income tax rates he wants to expire in 2013, this morning eric cantor the house majority leader said it does not help the economy to let people know their taxes are going nup ing up in 2013, and now it is on a path, and we are getting closer, but what could speed it up is if the markets tank, and they hear from the constituents that the market is going down the tubes, because of the debt ceiling ark and th, an something to watch out for in the coming weeks. >> thank you, jake. and the assistant secretary
2:34 pm
arrived in baghdad to meet with the iraqi leaders and to discuss whether some of the 36,000 troops stay in iraq to stay beyond the end of the year when they are scheduled to withdraw. panetta's visit comes amid a rash of attacks that have killed 18 troops since june which is the highest in two years, and including a rocket attack during panetta's visit are blamed by militias who are equipped by iran. >> we are very concerned about iran and the weapons they are providing. my first responsibility as secretary of defense, and the first responsibility of your commanders is to make damn sure that we do everything necessary to protect you. >> before heading to baghdad, panetta visited afghanistan where he met with the country's leaders and u.s. troops and commanders. a horrible tragedy to talk about has led to the controversy in madison, wisconsin, as police
2:35 pm
investigate the deaths of two young children. investigators say that the bodies of two kids were found inside of the car, and now we are hearing that an amber alert was never issued for the two missing kids even though the mother says she did. michelle sigona is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on this. michelle, walk us through the story here if we are hearing what happened correctly that the parent did report the kids missing, why wasn't the amber alert issued? >> well, that is correct. i had an e-mail conversation with the madison, wisconsin, police department, and they said they did consider initially issuing the amber alert, but unfortunately, they had to take a lot of fac tors into consideration. they didn't believe at first it was an abduction because the boyfriend had helped to pick up the children from the father and vice versa, and so he went over there with the ruse to say, i'm going to buy the children's shoes and taking them with the mom's family and that is when the dad released the children.
2:36 pm
it was not until they started to put the pieces together that it was too late. >> the authorities are treating the deaths as a homicide, because they say that the person of interest knew that the kids or knew the children, was not their father, but do the police know about the potential and the possibility of suspects at this point? >> well, they believe at this time that the boyfriend is probably the only person who could be involved in this. i can tell you that the reports are going off to the d.a.'s office later this week or early next week and decide on other charges, because at this point he is being held on a parole violation, and something they are looking into, but sort of how all of this unfolded is interesting and disturbing and so many emotions wrapped up into one. july 5th, the mom goes to madison police and says, hey, look, i was involved in a domestic situation, and later that afternoon, she learned that the father were not with the biological father and went back and said, i am reporting them missing at this particular time, and that is when a lot of this
2:37 pm
was mulled over by the police of what to do next, and they were tracking his cell phone. they were doing that. they were tracking the boyfriend's cell phone and he turned himself in early hours next morning, but the children weren't found until after 2:00 in a vehicle in a parking lot with both children in the back of the car. unfortunately the cause of death has not been released yet, but the case is being treated as a homicide. >> so sad all around. >> it is. >> have a good day michelle sigona. and what caused a horrific amusement park accident tops the news today. investigators are iing that is the restraints were working properly on board the ride of steel when u.s. army vet james hac hackmer fell out of. he had lost his legs on a bomb side attack in iraq last year. the coaster is being closed. and well wishers are joining in dallas for the funeral of a firefighter who fell to his
2:38 pm
death at a texas ranger game. he and his son were sitting in left field when the boy's favorite player tossed a ball into the stands. he fell to his death on concrete as he tried to catch the ball for the son. and a stun gun got aboard a jetblue flight. the crew was cleaning up when they found the stun gun behind the seat, and they are not sure how that stun gun got on the flight. and in massachusetts, same-sex marriages will get a pay bump. cambridge will give same sex married couples a stipend to help them with the taxes to offset them.
2:39 pm
they believe that the stipends will be $33,000 per year. marjorie is from came ridge and is here to talk about this. this is really about equal opportunity, but how do you respond to the tax paying citizens who say it is not fair to pay for this stipend? >> well, i would say in fact they should say that the federal government policy is not fair. we pay people to do a job and provide them with a sam ri and benefits for the job, and we are not concerned about their orientation, but concerned about them doing a good job and the equity in which we pay people. it is a cost of labor and until the government reverses the discriminatory policy, then this is how we are addressing the issue of making sure that all of the employees are receiving equitable pay and salary and benefits. >> marjorie, the massachusetts government is paying extra money to circumvent the law, and is
2:40 pm
that sustainable? >> the federal law is wrong, and so our hope is ha the federal government will actually do the right thing and in the meantime, it is forcing the city of cambridge to right this wrong. so, it is the cost of labor. >> when we talk about the city of cambridge, and massachusetts, the entire state has legalized same-sex marriage. >> that is right. >> so when we talk about what you are doing specifically in cambridge, are you also trying to get other municipalities within your state to look upon you as a maverick of how things need to be handled since we are not being directly addressed by the federal government? >> well, it would not be the first time that city of cambridge is on the forefront of civil rights issues, so certainly, it is our hope that other communities will follow suit, but ultimately we want the federal government to respect our state laws and municipal laws and eliminate doma and if you eliminate that, you don't have to address it. it is the same work and the same
2:41 pm
pay and they should be receiving the same benefits, and it is not fair. it is a tax on -- it is not fair. >> well, you guys are setting it right there in cambridge and we will see how it plays out for the rest of massachusetts and other states who have the same-sex marriage. in washington, d.c., marjorie decker, a city councilor. thanks for come og in. >> thanks for having me. and actress is sent out on a big date. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball. >> so, today, she will give her answer. what is mila going to say? we have it on the scoop. and there is a lot going on today and here are some things that you should know. the government shutdown in minnesota has entered the second week, and no new talks scheduled. the political deadlock stems from the democratic governor mark dayton and republican legislative leaders on how to deal with a $5 billion state deficit. it has stalled the jobs of
2:42 pm
22,000 state employees and closed 66 parks and halted 100 different road projects. the national conference of state legislators says that minnesota's government shutdown is the longest of any state in nearly a decade. sarah palin telling ne "newsweek" magazine she can win the presidential race if she enters, but the former vice presidential candidate says if the she does not run, it is because of her family. she says that her daughters bristol, and piper and willow want her to run and her husband, todd, says e it is up to her, she has a fire in the belly to serve. those are some of the things we thought you should know. don't worry, lucky,
2:43 pm
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i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the hour, the president says he has bent over backwards to make a deal, and the republicans say no deal for you. and can what is happening in washington be called negotiations or are we seeing spoiled children refusing to eat their spinach? and plus a u.s. embassy under
2:46 pm
siege in the middle east. and iran putting soldiers' lives at risk. important issues to address. back to thomas. so that the crew of "atlantis" making one more final delivery. the crew began to hand off a year's supply of food and clothes and other supplies to the astronauts colleagues on the international space station. and jay barbree joins us by skype from cape canaveral on "atlantis'" final business, and it is anything but business as usual. how are things going with the final days? h. >> thomas, they are going perfectly. as you said that the space station got their groceries this morning for the next year. they need all of the food and the clothing and everything up there, because after "atlantis" undocks in seven days now, what you will have is no truck to carry stuff up for them anymore,
2:47 pm
and they are going to have to get by on smaller supply chips coming up, and some of them by the united states are running behind time, and they hope to get them running in the next three years or so, and possibly getting astronauts going back up in four or five years, but all of that remains to be seen, but we know it is the last shuttle flight, and it is going to be overwith on the sunrise of the 21st when it comes down for a sunrise landing and tomorrow, two of the astronauts on board of the space station screw will step outside and recover an old ammonia pump, and they want to put it in the cargo bay of "atlantis" and the crew bring it back to earth to see what went wrong with the ammonia pump here on earth. >> thank you, jay barbrebarbree. >> thank you, thomas.
2:48 pm
and mila cuenas is asked out on a date, so let's get the latest from courtney hazlett. those living in karma geddon don't understand this, but it is serious. >> this is the closure of the 405 which is going to be closed for 53 hours over those two days and for people unfamiliar, there is the 405 in the graphic to get you from los angeles to any outlying point to los angeles that you might want to get to. they are asked celebrities to tweet, and i liked ashton kutcher's tweet. he says, lapd asked me to tweet that the freeway between 10 and 101 will be closed july 16 and 17, and in exchange, i would like a free pass on that stoplight ticket, it was yellow. and turned into a joke and
2:49 pm
frying to get out of a ticket at the same time. >> i think it is completely fair if you are listening. but the thing to listen to here is that it is going to be really bad. they suggest that you don't fly in or out of lax because the 405 is how you get to and from the airport. >> and alex witt is out there filing a report. >> good luck, alex. >> and harry potter. the fans are rabid, because it is bittersweet, because it is the last of the series. they are camping out all over the place. >> yes, they are head scratchers to me, because i don't understand why people are waiting outside for inclement weather, but look at the the photos here, because people are lining up outside of the lincoln center for the final installmentp of harry potter here and we have our own cast here in the midst of the 202, and fans are bittersweet, because you cannot experience it for the first time, and sure you can get it on dvd and watch it over and over again, but the magic of experiencing these
2:50 pm
sorts of things on the first time that you read the book or see the movies, that is pretty much coming to a close. >> and it is kind of cool to be involved in this and if you have the time and can do it, and you are a fan, it is cool to be involved in it, and i know that probably the actors, it is bittersweet for them as well, and it is getting good reviews. >> great reviews, and they deserve the best as the final chapter closes. finally, the feel-good story of the day, thomas. if you caught this friday, but there is a marine in afghanistan who wanted a very high a-list guest to be his date for the marine corps ball, and look at the youtube video he posted to ask out mila. >> hey, mila, sergeant moore, but you can call me scott. i wanted to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball november 18th in north carolina. >> and sergeant moore, but you
2:51 pm
can call me scott. she said yes. she is going to go to the marine corps ball, and the guy has moxie, and there are plenty of marines who are kicking themselves for not thinking of it first, but she confirmed in the presser when it was pointed out to her that this video had been posted an justin timberlake was by her side, and he said, you have to do this and she said, okay. >> and so a lot of people going stag are going to be putting the videos on line to ask for a date. >> and suddenly the marine corps ball is going to be a red carpet. >> thank you, courtney. >> and congratulations to sergeant moore slash scott. i'm not mila clearly. >> well, of course, you are. and you can go to the or be a fan on the facebook. gut check is coming up next on "newsnation."
2:52 pm
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martin bashir, next, only on msnbc.
2:55 pm
all right. it is time for the "newsnation" gut check. a michigan couple is facing jail time for planting a vegetable garden. officials in oak park say that the garden in julie and jason's backyard violates a city code that says it must have suitable material. they cited suitable, but julie says she planted cucumbers and pe peas after she talked to neighborhoods who said that there was an ordinance outlawing gardens in the front yard. if they are found guilty, they face up to 93 days in jail. some of the bass' neighbors support the garden while others dislike it. now, a facebook group that is called oak park hates veggies has been created in support of the basses and the effort, and an effort to defend the prosecution has been started,
2:56 pm
too, and so far, hatz gotten 15,000 signatures on care2. should the basses face legal action for violating a city ordinance for planting gardens? go to for your vote. i'm thomas roberts, and i appreciate your time. tamron hall will be back tomorrow, and martin bashir is coming up next. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic.
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>> good afternoon, it is monday july 11th, and here is what is happening. boehner's blunder. the speaker can't find his voice within republican ranks, despite a president willing to sacrifice the left's sacred cows. >> if not now, when? let's go >> boehner cannot get his boys to agree to the smallest tax hike. will the deal happen? under siege, a
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